Monday, June 07, 2010

Acaba nelerle?

Evet, acaba bugünlerde neler dinliyorum, nelerle duygulanıp, nelerle coşuyorum?
Sizi daha fazla merakta bırakmayayım.

Öncelikle Gogol Bordello'nun son albümüyle...

Slash'in ilk solosundaki Lemmy'li parça "Doctor Alibi" ile... Şöyle demiş Lemmy:

I went to see the doctor
He said you're pretty sick
You got some real bad habits
You'd better stop right quick

I said doctor that's real bad news
Don't know what I'm gonna do

There's nothin' wrong with me
Doctor doctor
Can't you see
I ain't gonna die
Just write me an alibi

I went to see a shaman
He said you'll be alright
Just keep doin' what you love
Every single night

I said that's what I need to hear
Took away my childish fears

You're a stand up guy
Doctor doctor
My oh my
You're the one for me
That's the mojo that I need

Don't you know that I feel alright
Doin' what I do
I ain't gonna tow the line
Not till' I turn blue
All I got is one short life
That's what people say
And I ain't gonna waste a second
Doin' what you say

I won't be the one you like
I won't be the boy next door
I won't be the chosen one
That's not what I'm here for
I don't like the way you are
I despise what you hold dear
Don't you try to make me change
I'll haunt you for a thousand years

Don't you talk that way
Don't you mess my day
Stay away from me
Sick is what I'd rather be
Doctor doctor death
Doctor out of breath
I ain't gonna die
Just write me an alibi

1975'den kalma bir şaheser olan Amanaz'ın "Africa" adlı albümüyle.

(Fantastic psychedelic rock album recorded by Amanaz in Zambia in ’75; & in the early '70s Zambian way stylistically very much rooted in late ‘60s psych, with a few African moves thrown in here & there for flavor. Amanaz were a five piece band (two guitars, bass, drums, vox) & all five members wrote & sang, so there is a fair amount of variety in the songs, though they are stylistically coherent, moving from a sort of semi-Africanized “Loaded” Velvets feel to something maybe along the lines of a stripped down Iron Butterfly, maybe even hinting at something like early Funkadelic, but always high level, plenty of fuzz, riffs, post Ginger Baker drumming, & with a ramshackle underground sound & feel – raw, organic, beautiful. This feels like it was hand carved out of an old tree, rather than recorded in a studio. Mostly sung in English, with a couple of tunes in the Bemba language. A fairly close parallel would be the equally brilliant Chrissy Zebby Tembo album “My Ancestors,” also recorded in Zambia & released around the same time. Beautiful Sunday morning comedown feel. Sounds good immediately, but repeated listens reveals rare timeless magic.)

Jack Johnson'ın ve Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings'in son, Arthur H.'nin ilk albümleriyle ayrıca...

1979 tarihli bir klasik, Joe Jackson'dan "I'm the Man"i de buraya ekleyelim.

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